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WordPress Management

In order to remain safe, secure, and up to date, WordPress sites need ongoing management. Otherwise, there is a substantial risk of losing your investment. Our WordPress management is a completely worry-free service that covers every aspect of maintaining a WordPress website.
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What You Get

Our WordPress management service includes everything you need to keep your WordPress site safe, secure, and up to date. We manage over 100 websites and our technologies are cutting edge.

Managed Security

Included in our management service is the premium version of iThemes security. Not only is it the Cadillac of security suites for WordPress websites, but we’ll configure and manage your security settings for you.

Malware Scanning

We use Google’s own safe browsing API to scan your site each day. There’s no way to prevent unwanted access to your site completely. Regular scans are an important additional measure of security.

Daily Backups

If you are going to take only one action to protect your WordPress site it should be daily and reliable backups. It’s your last line of defense if everything else goes wrong. Our backup system is absolutely unmatched.

Uptime Monitoring

Our system attempts to access your website each minute 24 hours per day 7 days per week. If we can’t access your site, we’ll be immediately notified so we can resolve the issue rapidly.

Managed Updates

Often times business owners will neglect to run the updates for months or years. This opens the door for major security vulnerabilities or software conflicts due to outdated code.

Database Maintenance

Over time, old and unwanted data can build up on your WordPress site. Clearing out and optimizing the database can help the site load more quickly and run more efficiently.

Incremental Backups Vs. Traditional Backups

Better Technology

Rather than taking a complete backup of your website each time the system runs like traditional backup services, our service backs up only the files that have been changed. This offers some real major benefits over traditional backups.

Less Server Load

Most backup services pull every single file each time the service runs which could affect load times for hours each day. Our service only backs up the files that have changed. It takes minutes rather than hours and puts almost no load on the server.

Quicker Restores

Traditional backups can take hours to restore, or fail completely if combined with budget hosting. Incremental backups act like a time machine, only restoring the files that were changed. This can reduce downtime and get you back online fast!

Store More Backups

If your site is larger, storing 90 days of backups may be unrealistic and require hundreds of gigabytes of storage. Our backup technology doesn’t need to store the entire site every day. We keep 120 days of backups for you.

Power-Up Your Site With LiteSpeed

Let us host your website as well for a complete managed experience. It’s likely that your site is currently hosted on old obsolete technology that may cause poor load times and potential crashes. We have the best server technology money can buy and it’s completely managed for you.

WordPress Management

Host on your own server
  • Fully Managed iThemes Security
  • Managed Plugin And Theme Updates
  • Managed WordPress Versioning
  • Minute By Minute Uptime Monitoring
  • 120 Days Incremental Backups
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Monthly Database Maintenance
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • LiteSpeed Super Cache
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Included SSL Certificate
  • PHP7 And Managed Backups
  • Weekly Server Backups
  • Private Email Hosting

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