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Website Malware Removal

Finding out that your website has been hacked is not a fun experience. However, it’s not the end of the world. With some effort and know-how, we can identify and remove the malware from your system and fix the problem.

Ongoing Protection

Website Management Service

Brute Force

The most common method hackers use to access your site is to simply crack your password. Brute force protection prevents that.

Malware Scanning

If a hacker manages to break into your site, it’s important that we catch the problem quickly. Malware scans quickly identify threats.

Managed Backups

Backups are your last line of defense against all kinds of threats. Our robust backup technology protects against emergency loss.

Software Updates

Outdated plugins and server software offer points of access for hackers. Regular updates keep your site safe and working properly.

How It Works

Our service consists of three steps: Malware identification and removal, identification and patching of security vulnerabilities, and ongoing security and management.

Website Repair

Our base package includes detection and removal the malware problem. This will restore the site to the condition it was in before the attack. However, it doesn’t protect the website from being attacked again.

Security Testing

Optionally, we can also look at options to beef up security on your system and patch vulnerabilities. This should prevent any future attacks from being successful.

Ongoing Protection

Finding and patching security vulnerabilities is a good first step. However, long-term protection requires ongoing maintenance. Without ongoing security management, your site is likely to become vulnerable again.

Spam Backlink Disavow

We can scrape a list of any spam backlinks that were built during the time your site was hacked. We’ll separate out the links that are damaging to your site and disavow them to Google. It’s likely that if your site has been hijacked for any length of time that you will need to have this done.


Blacklist Removal

If your site has been placed on any blacklists, we can take measures to ensure your site is removed and your credibility is restored. Most search engines are eager to accept our reconsideration request and restore your domain. However, it’s important that we take measures to ensure your site is never hacked again.



Why would anyone hack my site anyway?
There are various ways that hackers use your site for their benefit once it’s been hacked. Their basic motivation is to utilize the credibility of your website to push scams and otherwise malicious products. For a period of time search engines will trust what they are doing because they trust your site. Ultimately, however, the hacker will destroy the credibility of your site as well.
How do I know if my site has been hacked?
The quickest way to check is on Google. Most hacked sites will have a number of spam pages indexed in search engines. These pages are injected into the site via malicious scripts. To find these pages, just Google “site:mydomain.com”. Of course, replace mydomain.com with your domain. This will pull up all the pages that Google has indexed for your website.

If you see pages that look spammy, use Chinese characters, or pages you don’t recognize, there’s a high likelihood that your site is compromised. Of course, we can check all this for you. Submit your site via our scan request form and we’ll respond back with our findings.

What happens if I don't fix the problem now?
If you are able to identify that your site has been hacked and fix the problem shortly after it presents itself, often there’s no long-term damage to your website. However, due to the actions of the hacker, your domain’s credibility will rapidly erode in the search engine. Ultimately, search engines will deindex your domain from the search index altogether. At that point, it can be very difficult and expensive to recover your credibility and rankings and repair the damage that has been done.

It’s critical that we remove the malware and injected files immediately once the threat is uncovered, and patch any security vulnerabilities that exist so the problem doesn’t arise again.

I’ve lost all my traffic! Can it be recovered?

If your site has been hijacked for an extended period of time, it’s likely that your domain’s credibility has been damaged. Without intervention, it’s likely that search engines like Google will be reluctant to ever rank your website again.

This can cause some obviously major problems. If your site was receiving organic traffic from search rankings, that loss of traffic could drastically affect revenue. On top of that, customers may not be able to find you on Google even when searching directly for your brand name if the damage is bad enough.

We’ll need to look at our options if this applies to you. However, once we repair the site, we can submit a disavow file and request that search engines re-evaluate your website. With some persistence, we can recover much of your lost rankings and traffic.

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